Big Dog Ranch Rescue teaches rescued dogs how to surf

JUPITER BEACH, Fla. - Time to hang ten!  Paws that is.   These dogs were at Jupiter Beach Thursday learning how to surf.

Meg Weinberger of Big Dog Rescue Ranch says "Our first official surf lesson for surf dog contest with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Ocean Magic(surf shop) . We're teaming up to do a contest for surf dogs." 

She continues "A surf dog is a pretty cool dog!"

And it's that very thought the folks at Big Dog Ranch Rescue are hoping will help find homes for many of the pooches in need of a home. 

"We at Big Dog Ranch really live to try and find ways to involve an animal in someone's life, if you're a surfer why not teach your dog how to surf and bring your dog to the beach with you every time you go surf. "

The surf contest event is July 6 th at Dog Beach (stairway 51) in Jupiter, but we will be practicing and teaching any dog how to surf every Saturday before the contest.  

Shellie Chiet of Ocean Magic Surf Shop is excited to host the event "Our goal at Ocean Magic Surf Shop in hosting this first annual dog surf contest is to inspire the next generation of dog owners and dogs to share the stoke, learn to surf and get involved."

Special guest star Booker D. SurfDog , the east coast dog surfing champion, will be there giving some pointers to the beginners.

Like Gator and Oliver, they're trying to get the hang of it.  Sometimes they fall, but then they just shake it off.

Dog surfing lessons are open to the public every Saturday leading up to the July 6th event at Jupiter Beach.

Learn how you can adopt one of these amazing dogs, find out more about the contest, or hot to teach your dog how to surf. 

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