Today Show: Paula Deen says she has type-2 diabetes in interview, Deen addresses rumors

Celebrity chef Paula Deen appeared on the Today Show Tuesday for an exclusive interview to discuss reports that she has type-2 diabetes.

Deen confirmed on the Today Show that she was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Rumors that the 64-year-old cook suffers from the disease were spreading, and because type-2 diabetes is associated with a poor diet, Deen has been the victim of criticism. Critics say Deen promotes poor eating with her recipes that require large amounts of butter and deep frying.

According to, The National Enquirer first reported the diagnosis in April 2010, and Deen neither confirmed nor denied those reports until her interview on the Today Show.

Deen told the Today Show that she always encouraged moderation in her "yummy, fattening" recipes.

"In moderation, you can always have that piece of pie," Deen said in the exclusive interview.

Deen said she will not change the way she eats because she has always eaten in moderation.

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