TMZ: Joan Rivers won't apologize, says Seymour survivors lived 'rent free for more than a decade'

The same day Seymour kidnapping survivors Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus demanded an apology from Joan Rivers for "hurtful" comments she made on television , the comedienne has fired back.

When the Plain Dealer reached out to Rivers , she said she wouldn't apologize for her "stupidity" then said the "girls" should "Calm down. Calm f------ down." 

She went further with TMZ, saying Berry, DeJesus and Michelle Knight lived "rent free for more than a decade."

Rivers added, "I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on 'Dancing with the Stars'."

She didn't stop there but you can read the full TMZ story here .

According to her website , Rivers doesn't have any appearances scheduled for Cleveland and judging from the reaction locally, she probably won't any time soon. 


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