Self defense tricks you can use with school supplies

Rick Seid has been teaching self defense for more than twenty years in South Florida. In the wake of a recent stabbing at Royal Palm Beach High School, he taught us some tips on how to protect yourself when your life is threatened. The tools you can use are items you likely already have.

Seid says you can protect yourself with a backpack, book and even a piece of paper.

Seid says a backpack could hinder you if you are running from a threat. He says to keep it on one shoulder so you can easily get rid of it if necessary. But, you can also use it as protection. "If someone is coming at you, you can use it as a shield to ward off a knife attack. You can use it offensively," Seid says. He adds, "You could use it to throw it at an attacker. Follow up with a kick or just throw it, get their hands preoccupied and take off running into a line of safety."

Seid says a book can also protect you from danger. "If there happens to be a knife type of attack or something else that you need to use it for, you can quickly use this to shield not only your heart or vitals but use it as a block or fend off an attack," Seid tells us. But he says you can also use the corners of a book as a weapon if you need to hurt someone and get them away from you. "You want to use the edges. It doesn't really help when it's flat. you want to use the corners in every way possible," Seid adds.

He also says you can use a piece of paper as a weapon, if needed. Seid says you can roll it up and use it to poke someone in the eye. Seid calls this the "stun and run." Distract the attacker then run away to safety.

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