JetSmarter app lets you book private jets all around the world

Imagine being able to book a private, luxury jet from an app. Now, you can.

Sergey Petrossov is the creator of JetSmarter. He said he created it to "democratize" private aviation.

The app allows you to book a flight on a private jet from anywhere in the world.

It went online in March of 2013. So far, there are more than 200,000 users. "People don't want to wait anymore. They want it now," Petrossov says.

You can use JetSmarter to fly anywhere in the world. It mobilizes more than 3,000 jets as part of the app's fleet.

The app isn't just for the wealthy. If you book a flight through the "empty leg" section of the app, you can find flights with costs comparable to flying commercial.

"For instance, here's an empty leg from Denver to Los Angeles for $1,700. This is an eight passenger airplane. It you split that up on the seat level, that becomes highly economical," Petrossov says.

According to Petrossov, you can book a flight for as low as $280, or you can book an Airbus for as much as $2 million.



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