Dozens of dogs, puppies rescued from 'backyard breeder'

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Nineteen dogs (and counting) are in need of good homes after being rescued from a "backyard breeder."

The dogs were given up by their former owner to the Darbster Foundation.

Alan Gould with the Darbster Foundation, which assists in animal welfare and animal rights, asked Suzi Goldsmith of Tri County Animal Rescue for help.

Goldsmith took in the dogs, which include eight puppies and eleven adult males and females. Some of the females are pregnant and about to give birth.

"Normally, when we do rescues in the community, it could be three or four animals. Being that we've taken in 19, it's going to cost us quite a bit of money," Goldsmith says.

Officials with Tri County Animal Rescue say the dogs were malnourished and dehydrated and had to spend most of the time outside in the heat. They say that the puppies were in the worst shape of the bunch. One nurse said that they were infested with parasites.

"These are all sweet animals, very good, they just need some love, affection and major attention," Goldsmith says.

Starting Saturday, seven of the dogs will be up for adoption. Officials at Tri County say the puppies still need a couple of weeks with their mom until they can be adopted. The other dogs are either due to have to babies or not healthy enough yet to be adopted.

The dogs are getting medical attention at the shelter, including shots and spaying and neutering.


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