Charter schools creating competition with Palm Beach County School District

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla.- The Palm Beach County School District is launching a marketing campaign to help lure parents and students to its schools.

District officials feel the pressure after seeing a huge growth in the number of kids going to charter schools. This year, there are more than twenty thousand students enrolled in charter schools in Palm Beach County. That's five thousand more students compared to last year.

Jason and Christina Jerabek enrolled their daughter, Jessica, at Franklin Academy Charter School in Palm Beach Gardens."It felt like a private school and it felt like a good option," Jason says.

Christina says they chose the school because it offers Spanish classes, has indoor physical education classes, students are taught how to play chess and the core classes are split by gender. "The kids learn differently," Jessica says, "so I think it's great that she's in a classroom with all girls."

Superintendent Wayne Gent of the Palm Beach County School District hopes to gain back more students in the upcoming school year. Each child enrolled in the district earns $7,000 for the yearly budget. Gent says, "What we try to do is just make sure that we offer the best that we can in our school centers, that we have quality teachers, quality education, quality instruction going on in every classroom."

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