Four couples 'Dancing' in semifinals revealed, after two 'Stars' eliminated

CLEVELAND - The scene is set for the semifinals on "Dancing with the Stars," after the show kicked off two couples in a double elimination.

Tuesday night's show kicked off with judge Len Goodman asking for an encore performance of Green Bay Packer Donald Driver and Peta's jive with third partner, Karina. Good call – now if the judges will only give Donald the 10s he deserves.

Not surprising, Donald and Peta were revealed as the first couple in the clear. Classical singer Katherine Jenkins and Mark were the first couple in jeopardy. Is this a ploy for tension, or have viewers unwisely believed the dancing phenom was safe and not voted for her?

Donald tweeted, "Bigger and Better things for next week. But @PetaMurgatroyd and I will need ur support. I want to bring the Mirror Ball to Titletown."

The show then brought back favorite fan segment, Dance Center with Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and, of course, Len. They cracked the usual jokes about the contestants, while poor Jerry was left with nothing to do but add monosyllabic contributions in cutaways. At any rate, they're wearing sparkles.

Hip hop singer Chris Brown performed his song "Turn Up the Music," and he did it controversy-free.

Then it was time for the next safe couple. It came down to actor William Levy and Cheryl against Disney star Roshon Fegan and Chelsie.

The show revealed that William and Cheryl were safe, which is no surprise at all. The crowd shrieks every time he hits the stage.

William, generous as ever, tweeted, "MAN!!!! How horrible it felt to be next to @ROSHON during the elimination ... I felt like my little brother was leaving the show.."

Roshon and Chelsie were going home. His improving dancing aside, I doubt he has really had much viewer support all along. Roshon thanked his fans, tweeting, "I was blessed to have the opportunity to be on #DWTS thankful for every dance I was able to perform and it was a fun experience no doubt."

Then the show gave us a tribute to legendary TV host Dick Clark with a number set to an "American Bandstand" theme. Clark, who died earlier this year, hosted "American Bandstand" for years before becoming the face of those beloved New Year's Eve specials.

Back to the double elimination – wow, this show can really stretch these things out. The show revealed that TV host Maria Menounos and Derek were safe.

Maria tweeted, "Thank you to all the fans for your dedicated support and allowing me to dance another week! Xxxx."

So it came down to Katherine and Mark against actress Melissa Gilbert and Maks. The judges said Melissa had her best dances yet Monday night, and high-scoring Katherine did slip a little in performance. Would that make a difference in what seemed a predetermined outcome?

Nope. Katherine and Mark were safe. Melissa and Maks were going home. On her birthday, no less. But Melissa seemed perfectly serene. She said she was happy to make it this far into the competition and said it made for a wonderful birthday. She thanked Maks for being a great teacher and he called her his comeback kid.

Melissa tweeted, "@MaksimC the partnership has come to an end. The friendship will live on. I am damn proud of you and I love you."

Katherine tweeted, "A massive thank you to all who voted to put us through to the semi finals... YOU made it happen! Can't believe it!! #DWTS."

But there's no rest for the high scorers. The four remaining couples have three dances to perform on Monday's semifinals.

The competition continues at 9 p.m. Monday night on ABC.

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