Shelby County District Attorney candidate Joe Brown arrested for contempt of court

Shelby County District Attorney General candidate Joe Brown was arrested this afternoon for contempt of court in a Juvenile Court courtroom.

Brown, an attorney who was there representing a client, was put in handcuffs after he started yelling at a judge, according to Juvenile Court Chief Magistrate Dan Michael.

“He all but had that courtroom in a riot,’’ Michael said.

According to Michael, Brown became upset at delays during a child support hearing and started yelling at Magistrate Hal Horne. As Brown continued to yell, Horne sentenced him to a day of jail for each act of contempt – a total of five days.

Brown, 66, is a former television judge and a former Shelby County Criminal Court judge.

If he wins the Democratic nomination for district attorney, Brown will face the Republican incumbent, Amy Weirich.

"I did not see this position, I got drafted," said Brown last month when he filed his petition to run. "I’m answering the call."

People need justice, he said, and he wants the office to be as fair to the residents of a Millington trailer parks as it is to the residents of East Memphis. "It’s not about race or ethnicity," Brown said, but about fairness.

Brown was on the bench for 10 years, leaving in 2000 to devote his full attention to his then two-year-old nationally syndicated television show. It was canceled last year.

While on the bench, Brown made headlines for his creative sentences. He once ordered an out-of-town businessman caught transporting drugs through the county to apologize in a letter in the newspaper.

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