Saturday Night Live's top 5 moments from 2012: Hulu Plus ranks best SNL sketches and shorts

HuluPlus released its top 5 moments of SNL in 2012.

Included are Digital Shorts, sketches and moments from Weekend Update.

Disney princesses get a Bravo makeover

"The re-imagining of 'Real Housewives' may have been a high point for Lindsay Lohan in 2012," Hulu noted about the sketch.

Spoof ad mocks undecided voters

"Remember when the White House was still up for grabs?" Hulu asked. "SNL spoofs the undecided voters who had no clue about the election."

Samberg's last "Lazy Sunday"

"Their first man-date was a trip to the movies," Hulu stated in its selection of the Digital Short. "In 2012, Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg ended an era with a lazy Sunday on Broadway."

Bill Hader's puppeteer will creep you out

"Howard Stern named this puppet class as SNL's best sketch in recent memory, thanks to Bill Hader's turn as a war vet," Hulu said.

SNL newcomer's dead-on "girl at a party" impression

"Newcomer Cecily Strong strikes gold as that incoherent girl you wish you hadn't talked to at a party," Hulu noted.

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