Robin Quivers reveals cancer scare: Howard Stern Show co-host cancer-free after 15 month battle

Fans of the Howard Stern show finally learned the details of Robin Quivers' health scare Monday morning during the satellite radio show's broadcast.

Stern's long-time co-host has been absent from the Sirius XM radio studios for over a year due to a 15-month battle with cancer.

Quivers shared details of her health issues Monday morning and the revelation that she is "cured" and is now cancer-free.

Doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in her pelvis in May of 2012, which they successfully removed along with a couple of her lymph nodes in a 12-hour surgery.

Quivers said one of the possibilities at the time was that doctors might have to remove her colon.

"It was sounding very dire", Quivers said.

"I gotta be honest," Howard admitted. "I thought she was a goner."

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"Robin means more to me than anything and, you know, seeing her go through this just f---ing tore me up, I'll be honest," Stern admitted.  "The thought of losing you, it was just unbearable. I just would get into tremendous crying jags."

Quivers says she handled her chemotherapy so well, that at one point a doctor asked her, "Are you sure they're turning the machine on?"

About three months ago, she received the good news from her doctor. "She goes 'you're cured, you're done because you're cured'," Quivers recalled.

Quivers has spent the last 15 months doing her portion of the Howard Stern Show from home via an ISDN phone line connection.

"I'll tell you how serious this was, I was like already making funeral arrangements," Stern joked during her revelation. "I mean I didn't know what was going on. It was just the most awful, awful thing ever."

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