Paul McCartney acts in live 30 Rock episode

Music legend Sir Paul McCartney  put his acting skills to the test by appearing in a live episode of 30 ROCK.

The cast of the comedy hit the airwaves for a second special live episode on Thursday April 26, and the Beatles' star stepped in front of the cameras to make a cameo appearance.

He featured in a scene with Alec Baldwin's character, slapping him in the face after shaking his hand, and the actor subsequently told fans the moment was a career highlight, writing in a post on, "To be slapped on live TV by Sir Paul... File that in my diary under perfect."

The show went out live on the East Coast before the cast regrouped to do it all again for the West Coast audience several hours later, and McCartney was replaced by socialite Kim Kardashian for the second show.

Other surprise guests included Man Men star Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon.

The cast of 30 Rock previously acted out an episode live in 2010.

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