Nancy Ellison photography exhibit in Palm Beach

PALM BEACH, Fla. - One hundred celebrity photographs are on display on Palm Beach, taken by renowned Hollywood photographer Nancy Ellison.

The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach is showcasing an exhibit with images taken of familiar faces like Jack Nicholson, River Phoenix and Sharon Stone. Ellison has photographer world leaders like President and Senator Clinton, President and Mrs. George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin.  She has also created photo essays on British forces in Central America, the Mosquito Indians of Honduras and Belize and headhunters in Borneo.

Ellison grew up around stars, watching them from movie sets as a child.  Eventually she turned her passion into a decades-long career.

"If you look long enough and hard enough, you will see everybody's soul.  And it might be a little bit harder when you're working with an actor who is hiding his soul in a variety of characterizations," Ellison explained.

Ellison was co-producer of 3 Penny Opera, starring Sting. More recently as Producer, her credits have included Inherit the Wind, Coram Boy Seafarer, Thurgood and Country Girl.  She has served as Special Photographer on over 75 films, including Witness, Basic Instinct, Mosquito Coast, Coming Home, Terms of Endearment, Total Recall, according to the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.

Learn more about the exhibit at LINK.

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