Mystery Science Theater 3000/MST3K crew to return to TV as 'RiffTrax' for National Geographic

"Mystery Science Theater 3000", a.k.a. "MST3K" was a cult favorite television series that ran between 1988 and 1999 (as it bounced around to four different networks.)

The premise was simple.

A man was imprisoned on a space station with his robot friends by an evil scientist and they were forced to watch old movies and made fun of them (a.k.a. "riffing".)

The original star of MST3K, Joel Hodgson, left the show in 1993 and his role was filled by Mike Nelson, who remained with the show until its cancellation in 1999.

Now, years after the show was seemingly gone forever, MST3K fans may see the return of the crew to tv.

The guys behind MST3K continued the fun on the internet through RiffTrax, audio tracks for feature films, designed to be listened to while watching the movies.

Now, according to the blog zap2it , National Geographic is bringing the RiffTrax crew back for three episodes on April 1.

It is not known exactly what the crew will be riffing on, exactly, but they are expected to riff on some sort of television programming.

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