Monopoly game piece voting: Monopoly token change coming to classic board game, save your token

Which Monopoly game piece will bite the dust: Scottie dog, the race car or even (gasp) the top hat?

The fate of the Monopoly game pieces is up to fans of the classic board game.

Using Facebook or Twitter, fans have until Feb. 5 to vote on which piece has to "go to jail."

Fans can choose between the battleship, top hat, Scottie dog, race car, iron, wheelbarrow, thimble or shoe will be exiting the game.

In its place, they'll have the option to vote in a replacement token: either a diamond ring, toy robot, cat, guitar or helicopter.

Twitter users can vote by using the hashtag #tokenvote and Facebook users can vote on Monopoly's Facebook page.

After the votes are totaled, Hasbro plans to discontinue the current version of the game and replace it with a version that includes the new token.

They also plan a special edition of the game with all of the old and new tokens in a gold-colored box, according to Mashable.


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