Marsha Hunt, Mick Jagger love letters: Rolling Stones singer's ex-girlfriend auctioning love letters

 Interested in knowing how Mick Jagger put the moves on the ladies back in the 60s?

You could have your chance.

Marsha Hunt, the mother of his first child, is reportedly auctioning off the love letters he sent her.

The Guardian newspaper in the U-K says Hunt is selling them because she's broke.
She told the paper she lives in a house in France where she can't even afford the electric bill.

Hunt says Jagger wrote the letters in the summer of 1969 while he was in Australia.

The paper says they show a sensitive and grounded artist, who spent a lot of time reading poetry.

Hunt was the inspiration for Jagger's song, "Brown Sugar," which was one of the Rolling Stones' more controversial songs.

Ten letters are part of next month's auction, and Hunt says she hopes the buyer recognizes them as pieces of history.

She's hoping to raise the equivalent of at least 111-thousand dollars from the sale.