Kevin Bacon, The Tonight Show, 'Footloose' homage video: 30 years later Kevin Bacon still has it

Thirty years after he first showed his moves in Footloose, Kevin Bacon proved he's still got it with an homage to the movie's dance scenes during his appearance on Friday's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Fallon proclaimed just before introducing Bacon that dancing was illegal on "The Tonight Show".

Cut to Bacon in his dressing room learning about the dancing ban and instantly launching into the "Footloose" homage.

All of the nuances of the original dance routines were represented in the new version, which comically begins with Bacon slamming a cassette tape into a car stereo conveniently set in the wall.

Who would have thought that it was standard to have a car stereo/cassette player installed into the walls of the dressing rooms at The Tonight Show?

Mobile users watch video here:

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