Kelly Osbourne manicure controversy: Fashion police star apologizes to fans over $250,000 manicure

Fashion Police co-star Kelly Osbourne caught a lot of flack from her fans after sporting a manicure that cost more than most Americans make over the course of several years.

Obsourne's nails sparkled like diamonds at the Emmy's last Sunday, probably because the polish was literally made of crushed black diamonds. The luxury nail polish, Azature, contains 267 carats of black diamonds per bottle, and each bottle costs $250,000.

In awe of her most extravagant accessory, 27-year-old Osbourne shared a picture of her Emmy's night manicure on Instagram, but many of her fans were unimpressed and even angry.

"Both of my vehicles quit now. I have no transportation…I cant even get another car, so to even have that kind of money to waste must be nice," one follower said.

Osbourne offered up an apology of sorts on her Twitter page, but tempered it with the fact that she's glad she did it.

"I see that my nail polish has offended some of you, however, I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience…Please forgive me for not regretting it," she wrote.

She also pointed out that she didn't pay for it, she was just the lucky celebrity picked to wear the polish for the night.

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