Katie Couric and Matt Lauer together again on the TODAY Show

Matt interviews Katie about her future

New York, NY - Katie Couric appeared on the TODAY Show Wednesday morning to promote her new book called "The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from extraordinary lives."

She said the book originated after she gave a graduation speech in Cleveland.

She decided to reach out to some of the people she had interviewed and see what they would tell young kids.

She said people such as Queen Rania of Jordan, and singer Sheryl Crow gave her incredibly moving, funny or interesting, and inspiring things to say. So she thought it would make a great collection.

She was then asked about her future due to rumors she is about to leave the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News.

Couric said, "I'm just in the middle of figuring it out....I'm in the middle of figuring out where would be the best place for me, what would be the best job for me."

On whether she might take a job in syndicated television Couric said, "I think there are risks with everything. There is a risk-reward ratio you have to weigh with everything. I think what might appeal to me -- and it's something I'm considering is, you know, just the creative freedom to pick subjects, dig deep, to have a smart intelligent conversation and just -- you know, I think it would be fun for me."

Couric also said, "I also don't want to feel pressure from outside forces to make a decision quickly. I want to be methodical and smart about it."

Asked about when she might make a decision Couric said, "I hope in the next few weeks. It's important for everybody, I think, to move forward. so I'm hoping sooner rather than later."

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