Justin Bieber's pilots had to wear oxygen masks to avoid massive amounts of marijuana smoke

Justin Bieber was stopped by law enforcement, when the pop star came back to New Jersey, Friday.

The plane carried Bieber and his father along with 10 other friends to the New Jersey area to attend last weekend's Super Bowl and other events.

The pop star and his father were reportedly so abusive toward the flight attendant that she had to stay near the pilots in the cockpit.

According to several reports, Bieber and his entourage were also smoking so much marijuana that the pilots had to wear oxygen masks to prevent inhaling any smoke which could turn up on a drug test and put their licenses at risk.

Once the plane landed, law enforcement was on hand to question Bieber and check the plane.

Bieber admitted to smoking marijuana on the plane, but law enforcement said they did not find any drugs.

The pilots and the flight attendant chose not to press charges against the pop star or their entourage, so they were all free to go.

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