Johnny Depp's close call on 'Lone Ranger' set: Star describes horse accident with David Letterman

Actor Johnny Depp appeared on "Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday night to promote his upcoming film, "The Lone Ranger."

Depp appears as the Lone Ranger's sidekick "Tonto" in the film and had to ride horseback in quite a bit of the film.

Depp recalls one scene where he had a dangerous accident while riding his horse, "There was one moment in particular where it got unpleasant where the horses had been running, we'd been running them all day. So, they weren't really interested in slowing down at all.

We were shooting at a different place in the desert where there were these, you know, they're little bumps, things growing and so my horse that I was on decided to jump a couple of these obstacles."

Depp was wearing a special, minimal saddle to give the appearance that he was riding bareback.

After the jump, Depp's saddle slid and he fell to the side of the horse.

Luckily he was able to hold on to the reins and grab the horse's mane for a moment.

He said he made a judgement call in an instant to let go and drop.

Luckily the horse had the instinct to life his front legs, narrowly avoiding crushing the movie star.

Depps says he could have been "horrifically mangled to say the least" and was "clipped" by the horse's back legs.

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