John Malkovich, Jim Walpole Toronto rescue: Ohio tourist says actor saved him from bleeding to death

John Malkovich is being called a hero in a real-life drama.

77-year-old Jim Walpole says the actor saved him from bleeding to death on a Toronto street.

Walpole says he fell and slashed his throat on some scaffolding Thursday night.

Walpole says Malkovich answered his wife's yells for help.

He says the actor applied pressure to his neck and waited for the ambulance.

Walpole didn't even know who saved him until afterwards.

Now, he's the actor's biggest fan.

Walpole and his wife were visiting Canada from Ohio.

Malkovich is starring in a play in a Toronto theater.

C-n-n reached out to Malkovich for comment but hasn't heard back yet.