Jamie Foxx Ding Dong SNL skit video: Foxx may have deal with Hostess after Saturday Night Live

Jamie Foxx not only had "Saturday Night Live" viewers raving about his appearance on the December 8 broadcast, but his second hosting gig on the show may have also led to a new deal with Hostess.

The news about Hostess Brands' sudden bankruptcy and closure has caused snack fans everywhere to panic about the demise of the Twinkie, and on Saturday Foxx weighed in with "SNL's" Seth Meyers as an "out-of-the-box" character - a Hostess Ding Dong.

Extravagantly outfitted as the cream-filled chocolate cake for the "Weekend Update" segment, the Oscar-winning actor complained about all the attention given to the Twinkie, "his snack brother from another batter."

"You all act like the Twinkie is the only one with a delicious creamy filling!" Foxx exclaims in the sketch. "This is snack profiling!"

Foxx says his sassy personification of the snack cake not only caught the attention of "SNL" aficionados, but also Hostess Brands. At the premiere of his new movie, "Django Unchained," the actor revealed to CNN that Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn approached him about collaborating after seeing the sketch.

"The Ding Dong sketch was so funny that actually the CEO of Hostess sent us a letter and said he wants to get with us," Foxx told CNN. "We're going to take that further, we're going to shoot 'Behind the Ding Dong,' and we're going to do this whole musical thing. But what we want to do is get a commemorative Ding Dong, and we'll sell it, and we'll give the money to charity."

Foxx's rep confirmed that the actor is in talks with Hostess Brands, adding that there are no additional details. Hostess tells CNN that Rayburn did contact Foxx to say that he enjoyed the skit, but added nothing further at this time.

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