Hope Solo, Jerramy Stevens domestic violence investigation

Lawyer: No evidence she was assaulted by Stevens

KIRKLAND, Wa-- It was supposed to be their wedding day.

Instead, U-S soccer star Hope Solo and her fiancé former N-F-L player Jerramy Stevens faced a judge Tuesday in a domestic violence case.

He was arrested Monday morning after a fight broke out at a home in Kirkland...involving Solo's family, booze and a stun gun.

Officers found the gold medalist with a cut on her elbow.

Stevens had blood on his shirt and cheek and there were signs of a fight in the bedroom.

Solo and her brother told authorities unwanted guests showed up at a party and started a fight.

According to police, their stories about what happened didn't add up.

Stevens was released after the judge ruled there was not enough to hold him.

"There was no evidence at all, zero, that she had been assaulted and certainly no evidence she was assaulted by Mr. Stevens and the judge agreed," said Todd Maybrown, Jerramy Stevens' lawyer,

The case is still under investigation and charges could be brought later if prosecutors find other evidence.

According to court documents, Stevens told authorities he and Solo were to get married Tuesday and had argued about whether they would live in Florida or Washington.