Friday's Fun Facts on Meghan McRoberts

You watch her on WPTV NewsChannel 5, but did you know all these fun facts on Meghan McRoberts? 

Home Town:
I was born here in West Palm Beach, but moved to Marietta, Ga by the time in was in grade school. That's where I consider "home".

Family Life:
It's me and my dog, Riggins (Riggs for short). He's a lovable 75 pound mutt, maybe mostly Rhodesian ridgeback, and I'm obsessed with him.

What was your first car?
A green Chrysler Sebring convertible.

What was your first job?
My first job ever was in high school as a hostess at a local restaurant. My first TV job after an internship in Tuscaloosa, AL was a reporting job in Omaha, NE. After two winters, I couldn't take the weather! I appreciate the mild Florida winter more than ever.

If you weren't working in news, what would you be doing?
Maybe something in the music industry.

What's your favorite part about living in South Florida?
I love being in warm weather and being close to family living on the Treasure Coast. But I especially love being outdoors, kayaking, and I'm a newly certified scuba diver. I can't get enough of the water!

What do you miss most about home?
I miss being within a couple hour drive to almost anything. The mountains were less than an hour away, the beach about three hours, and the lakes and rivers were all less than an hour. Oh, and Atlanta shopping is great if you have tolerance for the traffic.

What's your hidden talent?
I've played guitar since I was about 10 years old, play some piano, and I love to sing! I grew up singing, and have performed for various events in high school and in college.

If you were left on a deserted island with only three things, what would they be?
Some drinks, good music and Riggs (of course)

Why do you love working at WPTV?
I love being out and about every day, meeting new people, and having the opportunity to inform or help people in our community on a daily basis. I am also lucky to have fun, talented co workers!

One final fun fact:
I'm a proud Alabama graduate. Roll Tide! 

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