Free RPG Day: Video gamers enjoy 'Free Role Playing Game Day'

Free Role Playing Game Day for video gamers

It's called Free RPG Day.  RPG stands for Role Playing Game. 

The event website says the event started six years ago, working with some hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to put new games in the hands of gamers. 

The goal is to push users to try new games, which, in turn, is supposed to create sales through local game stores.

Each store that chooses to participate has its own version of the day, but they do have something in common: free items are donated to the stores by publishers. 

Customers who visit the stores on Saturday receive at least one item for free from participating retailers just for asking. 

Each store is allowed to make individual choices about which items to give away.

There are a few stores giving away items in South Florida. 

Learn more by visiting .

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