Former Miss USA Rima Fakih has trial date ste on DUI charge in Highland Park, Michigan

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich., (WXYZ) - Former Miss Michigan turned Miss USA Rima Fakih went before a judge today, after allegedly driving drunk in Highland Park last month.

Her attorney asked to adjourn the case yet again, but Judge Brigette Officer was not happy, declining to set another hearing date and sending the case to trial instead.

The judge said the case is taking much longer than similar cases.

"The delays are on me," said Fakih's new attorney W. Otis Culpepper. "It was over the holidays. I wasn't in the country."

Fakih was allegedly spotted in a Jaguar driving along Woodward in December. Her attorney at the time said Fakih thought she could drive, then realized she couldn't but it was too late as an officer pulled her over.

An open bottle of champagne was reportedly found in her car.

After word got out, Fakih took to Twitter saying it was the wrong Fakih and she wasn't even in Michigan.

Her former attorney said her social media accounts had been hacked.

Her new attorney said she is remorseful about the entire incident.

"She's a model for young women," said Culpepper, who added Fakih is a woman of substantial character.

It's been two years since Fakih was crowned Miss USA, at times accused of partying too much while holding the crown.

She has made appearances on reality television.

Her attorney says she is pursuing a career in entertainment.

"She has opportunities," said Culpepper. "She's trying to get jobs in the Middle East and in California."

Fakih declined to comment after court. Her parents accompanied her to the hearing and declined to speak to reporters as well.

A trial date has been set for March, but both sides could reach a deal before then.

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