Creative prom proposal song becomes viral YouTube hit

- A high school boy has a prom date and a viral YouTube video thanks to his creative prom proposal.

Jason Pitts used a guitar, some creative vocals, a few friends and lot of guts to ask Lianna Cohen to the prom.

The video, which has over 122,000 views in just a few days, starts with Pitts in front of his high school class holding a guitar.

"Attention everyone, can I have a couple minutes of your time?" he asks. "Lately there's been an important question on my mind."

The song continues for about a minute, and four of Pitts friends enter the classroom to provide some backup vocals during the prom proposal.

It ends with Cohen and Pitts hugging. (Come on, how could you say no to that?)

You can watch the entire video below (or by following this link if using mobile:

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