Today Show spotlights Anderson Cooper and his giggle attack after making a 'potty joke' on CNN

He was poking fun at French actor Gerard Depardieu

It was a forgettable moment, but in the age of YouTube, it's something that won't be erased from public memory anytime soon.

CNN's Anderson Cooper had an attack of the giggles while making a potty joke during his show Wednesday night. It even caught the attention of NBC's Today Show which featured the laugh attack twice.

The laugh attack came during Cooper's "Ridiculist" segment, where he was poking fun at French actor Gerard Depardieu for urinating on the floor of a plane in Paris.

The pun-filled segment had lines such as "while the airline was busy putting the pee back in ‘P-R,'" and the passengers "saw an actual thespian, actually thes-pee-in."

The line that put Cooper over the top was a when he said the cleaning crew "should thank their lucky stars this wasn't De-part-two."

"That made me giggle every time I read it," Cooper said, trying to hold back laughs. He then laughs for about 40 seconds and says, "This has actually never happened to me, you always see this sort of this on YouTube but never think it will actually happen to you."

Watch the clip below, and enjoy. (The best stuff comes at about the 2:30 mark)
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