Carrie Underwood's GRAMMY dress video, photo: Lights projected on gown 'wow' viewers

Carrie Underwood "wowed" viewers of the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards Sunday night, not only with her musical performances, but also with the dazzling lighting effects that were projected... on her dress.

Underwood told reporters backstage that a lot of planning went into the effect.

"They can do a lot with projectors these days and we had a dress specially made so it would be a dress but still have a nice projection screen.  I said I should take that home and we could watch movies on it," Underwood joked.

One of the limitations of the effect was that she had to stay planted in just the right place for it to look right.

"I had like a certain place to stand and they to like, really make sure it wasn't going off around me. It took a lot of precision. I've got a lot of great people," she said.

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