Cara Delevingne: Fashion model lashes out on Twitter about paparazzi

(RTV/NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A British fashion model took to Twitter Tuesday night to express her scorn for the paparazzi.

Cara Delevingne used up to 140 characters and some foul language in four tweets to describe being swarmed by paparazzi outside her home.

She tweeted "dear journalists, there is (sic) so many more important things going on in the world. You effect (sic) what people read. Have some respect for your jobs."

Another tweet followed which stated she got home "after a 14 hour day" and was surrounded by 12 paparazzi.

She added that all she wanted to do was see her bunny and go to bed.

Two other tweets were composed using colorful language to criticize the paparazzi.

She also took to Instagram to post a video of the crowd of photographers chasing her.

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