American Horror Story recap, ratings, news: Asylum premiere scares up solid ratings, but what's next

(CNN) -- "American Horror Story's" showrunners weren't crazy when they decided to send the second season to the asylum.

Not only was Wednesday's premiere considered to be an improvement over last season, but the ratings have seen a boost as well.

The season two opener drew 3.85 million total viewers to FX and earned a 2.2 in the 18-49 demographic. Those aren't "Walking Dead" numbers, but they are a 21 percent uptick over the season one premiere, Entertainment Weekly reports.

And it looks like the showrunners have a few curve-balls in store to ensure we keep watching.

While it looked like Adam Levine's newlywed character wasn't long for "AHS," Ryan Murphy told EW that you can expect to see his dismembered self once again.

"He is going to be in a bunch of episodes," Murphy said. "I mean, it's clear after the first episode that he's in a bad place. I wanted a big star in that. We actually wrote it for him. He did such a great job. He has this great movie star charisma. But what Janet Leigh was to 'Psycho,' Adam is to this season of 'American Horror Story.' He does not perish as quickly as anybody. And maybe he lives --- I'm not saying anything."

Plus, next week's episode, pegged to Halloween, sounds like it'll keep our lights on at night.

"It's about the powers of Satan," Murphy revealed. "It's about a boy who is or is not possessed who suddenly, strangely knows a lot about Sister Jude's secrets."