Adele flips her middle finger on live TV during Brit Awards 2012 acceptance speech, leaves the stage

LONDON - Pop star Adele capped off a triumphant year of medical recovery and six Grammy Awards with her native country honoring her last night at the Brit Awards.

The soulful singer took home prizes for album of the year and best British female solo artist, but she was not happy as the event came to a close.

Adele was the final star awarded and the show's host cut her acceptance speech short after only a couple of sentences. The singer was left speechless but found the sign language to express herself, flipping her middle finger as she left the stage.

She stressed afterward that it was aimed at industry leaders, not her fans.

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone but it was the suits that offended me," Adele said. "Thank you all very much and thanks to my fans. I don't want them to think I was swearing at them."

The show's broadcaster, ITV, issued a statement apologizing to Adele for cutting her off.

The ceremony also included tributes to two departed divas, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.

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