Printable guns? New technology adds wrinkle to gun debate, Wednesday at 11 on NewsChannel 5


A new wrinkle could be coming to the national gun debate.

While some are arguing about banning certain guns, a new technology is being developed that could make it easier for anyone to get one. Guns could one day be made with 3-D printers.

"Technology has gone over and beyond now that you can make your own guns from a printer, that's a bit much," said one gun owner.

Some guns rights advocates are trying to develop the guns and are currently testing the parts.

"The one shot plastic gun?  Well, not a good thing," said Joe Rice, of the Palm Beach Shooting Center

A gun you wouldn't have to go to a gun store to buy.  It's one you could download and print at home.

"If he's doing it legally with a license I'd say it's pretty interesting.  If he's doing it in his kitchen to give to his gang member friends AR-15s, I would not be happy with that," he said.

Tonight we take a close look at the controversial issue of the "Wiki Weapon."  Could it be coming to a printer near you?  Our special report, tonight, on NewsChannel 5 at 11 p.m.

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