Woman collects plastic bottle caps to help the disabled in Europe

Valerie Jones says she has collected seven tons of plastic bottle caps.

She is collecting them to help physically challenged individuals in Europe. The organization is called Caps Of Love.

Valerie said, "Caps of Love is an idea to collect something that is being discarded, the caps are going into our landfills, basically trashed, getting them recycled and using them to help disabled people."

Wheelchairs and service dogs can be provided for those who need help. Anheuser-Busch will be helping her send the plastic caps to Belgium.

Valerie has put together a poster in order to show people the kind of plastic caps she is looking for, for caps of love.  

"They have to be pure plastic caps. Any caps from beverages, your laundry detergent, your toothpaste, even the soft rubbery caps from your cream cheese. It's a wonderful way to recycle, a little global humanitarian effort, we are taking care of the disabled in the world."

Caps Of Love

Valerie Jones


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