West Palm Beach brothers start 'Samples for Soldiers' program

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - While attending dermatology meetings with his father, Jacob Beer had an idea: Why not take all the samples of lotions, deodorant, shampoo, sun block, and other items that were being thrown away-and do something with them? 

A student at Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach, Jacob volunteered at the nearby VA hospital.

After seeing how the samples were appreciated there, the idea grew and "Samples for Soldiers " was born. 

Jacob recruited his younger brother, Michael, and the two started collecting samples from pharmaceutical companies and the public. 

They box them and ship them to veteran's hospitals throughout the United States and to bases overseas. 

Soldiers coming back from missions get much needed personal items such as razors, moisturizers and more. 

The response has been overwhelming, with letters of thanks coming to the two young men on a regular basis.

Three years after it started, Jacob continues the program at the University of Pennsylvania, and Michael carries on at Suncoast High School.

More than 50 boxes have shipped.

To donate click here: http://www.samplesforsoldiers.org/