The band The Escape helps raise money for Japan

Helping a country devastated by a tsunami

Boca Raton - Seventh grader Yossi Penssah said, "We get to do the things we love, we love playing music." Yossi is the lead guitarist for the band The Escape. The young band enjoys playing together, but recently turned their musical skills into raising money for others.

Twelve year old Ari Holzhauer told us,"We saw what was happening in Japan and we felt really bad, and it was pretty much the most relevant thing that was happening during the time, so we had the idea to raise money for Japan, having a concern and selling raffle tickets."

The Escape band members held a benefit concert and raised over 200 dollars to donate to The Local American Red Cross. Spokesperson Joe Hansen said, "It's exceptional that these kids came forward and donated money to The American Red Cross in support of our efforts in Japan. But it's just one group, we've had many, many student groups throughout the area give money to support The Red Cross relief efforts around the globe as well as here at home, the tornadoes and flooding we have experienced throughout the country."

Band member Brett Koolik said it's important to help others. "It's really important to make a difference because it shows that kids can also impact what is happening in the world and it really does make a difference, you think that you can't make a difference, but when you try you can actually make a big difference."














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