Macie Tendrich: Teen collects marathon medals for sick kids

SOUTHER PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla, - Sixteen year old Macie Tendrich collects marathon medals. She gives them to children who are battling illnesses.

Macie said, "They are for kids who are very sick like cancer patients, and sickle cell patients and some kids who have severe asthma and we go to the camp and distribute them."

Macie has handed out more than 150 medals since last year. Most of the medals are donations from past marathons. This latest batch of medals from the New York City Marathon. "We also asked a couple of running stores if they can donate some medals as well."

Macie says she will be handing out her next set of medals in two weeks. In the meantime, she is hoping that marathon runners are willing to donate their medals to her cause as well.

"If they love being around kids and want to help, they should get involved with the kids and do whatever they can to change someone's life," said Macie.

For more information visit Macie's Medals website .


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