Palm Beach County Food Bank helping the hungry

Donating food to help the hungry

Palm Beach Food Bank workers unloaded  boxes full of non-perishable foods. It's a generous donation the Indian Trail Improvement District collected to help the food bank feed the hungry. Hungry children and adults.
Dan Shorter, vice president of operations for the Palm Beach Food Bank said, "One in six adults in Palm Beach County don't know where their next meal is going to come from. And it's even worse for seniors. Our seniors have to make decisions on whether to buy medicine or pay my rent or do I eat pet food rather than other food."
The Food Bank distributes the food to 100 food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.

Shorter said, "We are in Pahokee right now giving away over ten thousand pounds of corn, produce and yogurt. About a half a million pounds of food a month is what we give away. Our best month ever is about 800 thousand pounds, but we need to do more."
The Food Bank will be hosting a food day on October 24 to raise awareness about the hungry in the county.

Perry Borman, the executive director told us, "It's actually celebrated all around the country and there are several principles of food day to fight hunger. The other is promote sustainable and organic farming. And one of the other key ones is about how to promote healthy and nutritious eating."
The organization is gearing up for Thanksgiving, collecting food to store in their new warehouse. They want the public to help in the cause. Shorter said, "It's a blessing from God that we can get a facility like this, it enables us to do what the community needs."

A need to help struggling families.

Food Day
October 24, 2012
Mounts Botanical Garden Auditorium
West Palm Beach


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