Packages for soldiers overseas

Boca Raton school helps encourage soldiers

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Seventeen year old Julia Cournoyer would normally be in her pre-calculus class at Grandview Prep School in Boca Raton. Instead she is boxing up care packages with her friends for soldiers who have been deployed from Fort Pierce. Julia said, "We asked the grades to bring in certain supplies that were requested by Forgotten Soldiers Organization and we just kind of spearheaded this. And we encouraged everyone to bring all their supplies in."
The students were joined by local Army soldiers who were more than willing to help, knowing how much it means to receive a letter or a package from a stranger.

Clinton Bitzer told us, "As being a soldier who has received care packages in the past, this is a life saver and a motivation for the soldiers, and it makes us feel as if we have a purpose serving our country.

Laurie Haughton, who is dean of students, was also helping get the boxes ready for shipment. She organized the event. More than a decade ago, she was in the navy reserves.

"I felt it was important. My family was in the military, and my brother had served overseas and it was important to make the connection with kids that don't have an idea what goes on, so it was important for me to reach out and say, let's thank the soldiers for everything they do."  

Julia, a high school junior said, "being able to do something, even though we are a small school, we are doing something so big for the community and helping the troops out."

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