Military Moms Prayer Group offers support

Supporting military moms on the Treasure Coast

VERO BEACH, Fla. -  Becky Jones remembers the phone call telling her that her son was injured while in Iraq in 2006. "Of course it was a shock and you don't want to hear about any kind of injury."

Becky's son, a Marine, was awarded a purple heart. He recovered from his injuries.

Becky got another phone call-- not from her son, but from the Military Moms Prayer Group in Vero Beach who heard about her son being wounded. Becky said, "With the prayer and the bonding that you have with the women and the things that you can share it really is good."

Pam Proctor said she was one of the military moms who started the group. "It continues to be a lifeline for us, and we are just grateful for the chance to be able to be there for other women who need the support and who need the understanding from other women who are military moms."

The group, which is 100 women strong, gets support from the community.

Jewelry store owner Pauline Adams sold 10-thousand dollars worth of patriotic pins. The mothers will use the money to mail care packages to hundreds of soldiers. "This is a way for me to keep the pins out there as a reminder to everyone that we still have soldiers there."

Becky said, "To know that the support that our community has for our sons who are serving so that we have the freedoms that we are allowed to have, it's just very heart warming."

Military Moms Prayer Group

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