Medical equipment donations for home bound patients

Clinics Can Help

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Thirteen year old Priscilla Diaz needs round the clock medical care. She was diagnosed with Rett syndrome-- a neuro-developmental disorder which affects mostly girls. Her mother Evelyn Santana told us, "She is basically bed bound doesn't walk and the equipment that we received was of great help because as you can see we just put her in there and off you go."

Her mother said even with her insurance, she could not afford the equipment needed to help move Priscilla from her bed to her wheelchair. "It's a very expensive piece of equipment in the thousands, they have a limit on what they will pay and the rest goes on to the parents to pay. Which I did not have to do at all, which I would have to get a loan to pay for it," she said.

The family turned to Clinics Can Help. The organization's founder, Owen O'Neill said, "Working as a nurse in Palm Beach County, was meeting a lot of people who had equipment to donate and I happen to notice people had hospital beds and wheelchairs, and canes and crutches, walkers, things that they actually wanted to donate, but didn't know who to donate it to. And it was just a matter of time I said no one else is doing it, I said I'll do it."

Clinics Can Help provides more than medical equipment, they also provide medical supplies, including supplies for diabetics and also wound care, for patients who might need it in their homes. In addition to that, they also provide linens.

Once the person is done using the medical equipment, they can donate it back to the organization for someone else to use. O'Neill said, "Even air mattresses and gel mattresses to help make the patients more comfortable.

For more information visit the Clinics Can Help   website or call 561-640-2995

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