Lord's Place Thrift Store provides jobs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Chris Costello's life hit rock bottom four years ago.

"My wife died from lung cancer in 2009 and I kind of went off the deep end after that," said Chris.

He lost his job, his home, and wound up on the streets.

Eventually, Chris Costello made his way to The Lord's Place, where he learned about the apprentice program there. He started working at the organization's thrift store on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach.

"Got my self-esteem back, got a job I am doing stuff now, I've got my license back, I've got a truck and I am driving for them, working in here," said Chris.
Meredith Fontenot with The Lord's Place told NewsChannel 5 more than half a dozen others are part of the apprenticeship.

"A lot of these people have been out of the work place for years and and years and so they have huge gaps in their work histories and so we are trying to make it easier for them venture back into being a productive member of society with a job," said Meredith.

The general public making donations at the thrift store also helps those who are in the program succeed.

Meredith said, "It's really the driving force. If we don't have things to sell, then this store cannot be successful and we can't offer jobs to people that need them."
Chris is thankful for the opportunity. "I feel great. Everything is starting to come together through The Lord's Place and the help of God, everything seems to be falling into place and I am very happy."


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