Homebound Mitzvah program for seniors

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Helena Watts has a positive outlook on life. The widow is thankful for the cooked meals she receives several times a week from the MorseLife senior living center.

The organization's food program helps seniors who are mostly homebound. Helena said, "I don't cook for one person and I enjoy it because the food is very good and it helps me with the money. I don't have to spend so much money because my income is you know, standard."

Every week volunteers deliver hundreds of meals to seniors throughout Palm Beach County. Linda Sevich with MorseLife said, "Meals on Wheels delivers nearly 50 thousand meals every year in the community and it's to people who may not have a car any longer, they may be just home from the hospital maybe they were in rehab services. So they've been out of their house for two months then come home and food in the refrigerator is spoiled."

Linda Sevich with MorseLife said now the organization is gearing up to deliver two thousand meals for next month's Jewish High Holidays.

"We do full holiday packages that have traditional meals of wine, homemade soup, a homemade honey cake, the tradition of New Year."
Deliveries Helena told NewsChannel 5 she is thankful for. "The people they are so helpful and so nice and all of their stuff is wonderful."

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