Helping dogs get adopted by improving their behavior

Dogs up for adoption

LOXAHATCHEE - Dogs at Zen K9 in Loxahatchee are perfecting their jumping and obedience skills.

The organization works with owners and their pets concerning behavior problems.

Zen K9 also works with dogs who are in the animal care and control facility.

"We do behavior modification with the dogs and usually we bring dogs from places, rescue organizations or shelter places that actually they can't handle the dogs anymore. We volunteer our time, we bring the difficult dogs back to our facility and then we modify the behavior," said founderTibor Feige.

Tibor added, "Some of them they take a couple of days and some of them, it depends of course on the people that they are working with, so if it's one on one, it's really easy, but separation anxiety can be attached to different people you have to make sure that it's not more than a month."

The goal of Zen K9 is not only to prevent these dogs from being euthanized, but to also educate the public.

Elizabeth Harfman with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control said, "This has been great to be able to have Zen K9 volunteer their time to spend time with these dogs and not only that but to teach our staff and our volunteers to help strengthen that human canine bond and it's been really intragal, it gives these guys a second chance."

Their second chance will be this weekend when a few of these dogs will be up for adoption.

Elizabeth said there will be many animals up for adoption. "In honor of the 4th, we are doing four dollar adoptions , Saturday and Sunday all adoptions are four dollars, so whether you are looking for that brand new puppy, adult dog, kitten, cat, we've got guinea pigs, rabbits, we even have a ferret right now, so please come see us Saturday and Sunday four dollar adoptions all weekend."



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