Helping children in Kenya

Kenya Relief

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Two couples on a mission to help an orphanage thousands of miles away. Now they have a bond with many of the children living in poverty in a village in Kenya.

For five years Dr. Mark Kuhl, a dentist in Juno Beach, has provided the children with dental care. Dr. Kuhl said, "We see lots of cavities, anytime they have just enough civilization to get sweets but they don't have good dental care or medical care themselves, then they are going to get the cavities.

Dr. Kuhl's wife Pam also volunteers in Kenya. She said, "The main difference that I have noticed about people in Africa that have so little, they are still so happy they have such great joy with so little."
Nineteen volunteers from South Florida just returned from Africa. They're helping to build a school which will be done in January. A local law firm, Shutts & Bowen is donating 100 computers. Al LaSorte told us, "It's going to have state-of-art classrooms, and now through Shutts & Bowen, two computer labs with a bunch of computers that will be tied to the internet."
But it's more than providing a service or donating supplies. Debbie LaSorte said, "Going to Kenya is the most amazing thing that I have ever done in my life. It has really changed my life for the better. It's amazing to think that one person can make such a big difference in the lives of so many, the people love us, we love the people, they are always excited to see us."

Dr. Kuhl said he enjoys helping others. "Christ calls us to live a life of self denial and the irony in it is the more you are focused on helping others, the more satisfied you are with your own life so it's very rewarding to go."
Kenya Relief

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