Help for people battling eating disorders

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Johanna Kandel speaks to teens and adults about eating disorders. She personally battled it 15 years ago, and  was hospitalized. Johanna said, "I struggled with anorexia, with bulimia and with binge eating disorders."

Johanna says the number of people struggling with an eating disorder is alarming.

"We get calls for 7 year olds and we have a woman who is 74 years old in our support group who struggled with an eating disorder from the age of 12 and started her recovery journey at 70," she said.

Johanna says eating disorders are not about the food, but about what is going on inside of you. That's why she is now providing an onsite therapist and nutritionist.

"Each of those clinicians are able to see a client who is uninsured or underinsured at a very, very small scale and even see clients pro bono and we are offering six groups for free at the alliance," said Johanna.

More services she hopes will help people recover. "It's never too late to reach out for help, never too late to get help."
The Alliance For Eating Disorders Awareness