Hannah's Home Of South Florida helping homeless pregnant women

Helping young women with babies

Tequesta - Jalisa Terry is fixing dinner for her two roommates.

"I get along with all of the girls, we are helpful towards one another and the people hear really try to help us," said Jalisa.

The women and their babies live at "Hannah's Home Of South Florida"-- a place for homeless pregnant women. It's a place for women between the ages of 18 and 25 to get a second chance. Jalisa said, "Being a teenager and thinking I knew it all and could do it by myself and I couldn't do it by myself."
Jalisa's goal is to be a registered nurse. The home's founder, Carol Beresford, said they help the women in many ways. "We give them education, and counseling, spiritual help and just physical help, guidance and that's how we get them back on their feet. Lots of love."

When the ladies are being schooled or possibly have to head in to work, a volunteer comes in to take care of their baby, for as long as is necessary.

Because there is a waiting list to help these women, the organization is looking to expand its home.

Jackie Woolfe, a volunteer godmother at the home said, "We will be adding a day care nursery and also we will be doubling our occupancy. There is such a need here and it's such a beautiful ministry and a beautiful charity and one that I have never stumbled upon. They take a true investment in these girls."

Jalisa said so far, the home is helping her put her life back together.

"You will have people that love you, and care about you and you will have girls who will support you and help you to be the best you can possibly be, " she said.

A place for women like Jalisa and their babies call home.

Hannah's Home Of South Florida



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