Donations needed to help people battling substance abuse

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - By having people donate, and parents, to get them involved, Peter Sesso is having a strategy talk with students at Palm Beach State College, in Palm Beach Gardens. Peter started the South Florida Coalition Against Substance Abuse because of his own personal experience.

Peter said, "As I work with these people day in and day out tell me that they couldn't get in because there was a waiting period up to 6 weeks to get into these programs and I thought there has to be a way to help these people and then they couldn't afford it." These students are joining peter in the fight to get treatment for those who are abusing drugs or alcohol.

The mission is provide the necessary funding that is needed for patients to receive complete treatment. For these college sophomores, it's a personal reason to join the cause on their school campus.

Student Rafiki Beecher said, "I personally lost someone very close and dear to my heart and it's hard when I talk about it, but I know she would want me to talk about it and spread awareness."

Nathan DeLeon said a family member has been fighting substance abuse. "Don't let drugs be your escape. Face your problems head on, don't try to hide, because the problems are never going to go away."

Students like Shannel Gayle are gearing up for an upcoming event in may to get the word out. Shannel said, "I am here today to show our young people that they can make it, there is a way to help them make it. And the coalition is offering scholarships so just want them to come out and we are here to take them that step forward."

South Florida Coalition Against Substance Abuse

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