Kiwanis Club of West Palm Beach awards scholarships

They are making a difference

WEST PALM BEACH -  Clarence Walker will graduate with a master's degree next May. "I am at Florida State University and getting my masters in social studies education."

Achieving his goal has become a reality because of the Kiwanis Club of West Palm Beach Foundation.
Wednesday, the foundation handed out scholarships to 72 students, totaling more than 233-thousand dollars. Clarence said, "It has been an absolute blessing, and I look at my other friends or other family members who have had to rely heavily on student loans and it has been such a blessing for me that I haven't had to do that."  
Scholarships are awarded depending on grade point average, community service and family income. College senior Jacob Passy is also getting a check. "I am incredibly thankful being able to afford college and this is the main reason why I am able to afford college."

Cathleen Burk, the foundation's vice president, says the scholarships are an investment. "It's a privilege to know these kids, to encourage them to go out into the community and give back just as Kiwanis does and to be excited about their choice, their failures and sometimes the students don't do as well as they would like to, but to push them along the way."

The scholarship program has helped Clarence to focus on his future. "It has helped me to realize what I need to do with my life, that I have to give back, some type of way, maybe not monetary, but  in some type of way."

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